Quaker Barns

Why Choose A Diamond Tough Quaker Barn ?

  • Up To 9m Free Span

  • Maximum Overall Height 6.6m

  • Any Length

  • Pre-engineered Kit Barns

  • Shedsafe Accredited

  • Steel Supplied By Bluescope

Whether you’re on two or 200,000 acres, the Diamond Tough range of barns is the perfect choice to meet your storage and operational needs.

With the total flexibility to adjust spans, length, height and the numbers of bays you need, we offer exceptional quality Quaker Barns that can be fully customised. With options for roller doors, PA Doors, sliding doors, steel partition walls, windows, skylights and internal insulation the choices are endless.

Embracing the traditional Quaker Barn designs, Diamond Tough barns provide a reliable and spacious environment to roll up the sleeves and get the job done.

Not only will a Diamond Tough Barn add value to your property it will also provide a setting which guarantees premier storage and shelter options for machinery and animals.

Ask us about our Mezzanine floor options for even more extra room.

Using the finest-grade steel and utilising the durable and trusted Colorbond and Zincalume brands, we know you’ll be able to choose with confidence.

Diamond Tough takes full responsibility for the design, manufacture and delivery to site of the building shell. That includes all components – structural, roofing, rainwater goods, fasteners and accessories.

Talk to a representative today to find the right design to suit your individual needs.