Steel Kit American, Australian & Quaker Barns

Life on the land presents new challenges every day, so it is comforting to know Diamond Tough has the capabilities of supplying an extensive range of rural buildings to suit your requirements.

Diamond Tough can be custom designed to suit a variety of rural sheds including:

  • Machinery
  • Farm workshops
  • Grain storage
  • Hay storage
  • Livestock shelters
  • Pump houses
  • American style
  • Australian style

Diamond Tough sheds are designed, engineered, and manufactured to comply with the strict Australian Building Codes and are supplied with documentation to simplify council building approvals.

Diamond Tough rural sheds are engineered to withstand the harshest Australian environments, are purpose engineered and are practically maintenance free.

Building spans can reach to 27 metres with wall heights up to 6 metres and to any length you require.

Whether you’re on two or 200,000 acres, the Diamond Tough sheds are the perfect choice for your storage and operational needs.

A Diamond Tough shed adds value to your property and provides premier storage and shelter options for machinery and animals. You get a spacious backdrop to roll up the sleeves and get the farm jobs done.

Diamond Tough sheds come in kit form with all components and accessories included. You can choose to assemble your industrial shed and save or contact a Diamond Tough representative to help you organise an experienced builder to construct your building.


  • Includes a wide variety of designs for rural machinery, storage & animal shelters
  • Features durable frame anchored to foundation with screwbolts
  • Comes in a choice of two steel panel profiles
  • Supplies barge, corner, door & ridge flashing as standard
  • Provides for optional PA doors, skylights, windows, side awnings & Garaports
  • Offers a variety of designs to suit all budgets
  • Provides obligation free quotes
  • Provides location-specific designs & engineering specs
  • Includes location-specific wind loads
  • Comes packaged for delivery to your site
  • Contains installation manual
  • Features easy installation
  • Comes in a wide variety of COLORBOND® steel colours
  • Provides local service & support from 25 Australian outlets