Reviewing Your Quote

You’ve decided on a size and style for your shed and made a request for quotation to Diamond Tough. Your quote will come back quickly – now’s the time to go through it in detail to see what you’re really getting before a decision is made. A Diamond Tough representative will call you several days after to ensure your request for quotation has been answered correctly.

Your quote will come with a description of the main materials, shed size, accessories, wind and terrain code rating and colour selection. All pricing and terms of payment are included. If there’s not enough detail on your quote, feel free to request more. Attached to the quote will be the elevation drawings. Any discrepancies should be discussed directly with Diamond Tough to make sure all details are clear and correct.

Fine details

The steel may be measured as BMT (Base Metal Thickness), which is entirely structural material. Some suppliers give measurements as TCT (Total Coated Thickness), which includes coatings, about 0.05mm of extra thickness. This means that a BMT of 0.42 and a TCT of 0.47 are describing the same thickness of base steel. Make sure you know the difference as different suppliers describe materials using different terms.

Check that all parts and fixings are included in your quotation. Diamond Tough offer an all-inclusive quotation for all components of the design including delivery. All fixings within Diamond Tough quotations are specified as hi tensile.

Diamond Tough offer ShedSafe warranty for 10 years plus BlueScope Steel offer warranties on products such as COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

If you will be installing your shed yourself, check that you have all the construction tools available to complete your project. You may need to hire equipment for some task of your project – especially concreting – being able to use your own tools will save you considerable money.

For DIY quotes, Diamond Tough supply a most comprehensive and detailed assembly drawings complete with an itemised parts list (BOM), engineering, construction and slab plans, detailed process and procedures to reference.